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USPS Informed Delivery: Track Packages and Check Mail Online

What Is USPS Informed Delivery?

USPS informed delivery is a postal customer service feature that allows residents to view emails that are yet to arrive. It is a free notification feature that enables consumers to digitally read their emails before they are delivered physically and manage or track other packages that are ready for delivery. Regardless of the USPS informed delivery cost; which for now is free, households across the various operating zip codes in the United States benefit from the service. This feature allows users to see what they are about to receive in their mailbox before it arrives. You can see your notification on mobile devices, or computers even while in transit.

The USPS informed delivery feature was officially established by USPS in 2014. At that time, it was only available to residents in Virginia. However, in 2015, it was made available for the residents in New York City, and some other parts of Connecticut. And in 2017, this notification feature became available across the United States of America.


How Does USPS Informed Delivery Service Work?

Digitalized Previews

As part of their automated sorting, the USPS informed delivery system digitally photographs the front side of the emails that pass through their machines. The sends these images across household residents in the operating zip codes. However, these images are only sent in greyscale. Also, they are for items that are about letter-size only.

Accessibility and Notification

People who have subscribed to the informed delivery service can get the notifications of mails on the day they are processed; this is mainly for households. However, national holidays and Sundays are exempted from the days you can receive the notification. The email notifications will feature about ten images for you to preview, and the rest of the images can be viewed from the USPS informed service delivery dashboard. You can access this dashboard online or through the APP; My USPS APP. You can get this App from your App store. Also, the images are kept for up to one week before they are removed.

Users and Eligibility Status

The USPS informed delivery service is available to residential households. The USPS informed delivery PO box is also available currently but there is a catch which we will look at in another subheading. The informed delivery service allows more than one person in household access to the service. However, there is no informed delivery service for a single individual. Also, there is no way roommates can have can separate mails. The same applies to families who live in the same household.

Ads and Cost

if you are wondering what the USPS informed delivery cost may be, you have good news; it is completely free. However, the advertisers that deliver mails physically and directly to you may also replace their normal ads with digitalized ads in your notification emails and your USPS dashboard. These ads are served colorfully. Also, they are made ready for direct action to be taken before receiving the physical mail.


USPS Informed Delivery is Available for PO Box?

As said earlier, the USPS informed delivery service is available for people with PO box addresses in any of the operating Zip code location. However, if you want to enjoy the service of USPS informed delivery, you will create different accounts on the USPS platform; These different accounts will serve different addresses. But you must note that the system will require you to verify your identity in person to sign up for USPS informed delivery PO box, other documents such as the PS form of your PO box application and any proof of payment may be needed to ensure that the sign-up process is completed.


The USPS informed delivery is a great service for both commercial and residential customers; yes, it is. It is exciting to preview your mail that has been scheduled for delivery even before it arrives. What this means for you is that you can proactively take the relevant actions. Also, you can retrieve items that may be lost whether through the imaging process or the physical delivery. If you need to know what is inside your mail before it arrives, then you need this service, however, there could be few system errors. For example, your App may not always respond effectively, therefore if you get a notification that says “USPS informed delivery not working”, all you have to do is clear the APP cache, reset the data and then try to log in again. Also, you would have to get the post office to send a text to approve the device. I will work again.