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How much does it cost to change of address and USPS Change Of Address Fee

Change of address fees

Why there is need of Changing Address

Moving with all the contents from one place to another is always a hectic task. The reason behind is people have to arrange all of their matters from the beginning. In the USA, every year millions of people decide to change their residence due to economic reasons, to get a better place to live or for having better job opportunities. Sometimes, the reasons behind are to move from rental property to their own purchased home "OR" when the agreement to stay at some rented place gets expired and people have look for a new home, apartment or flat.

Changing Fees of USPS Address Change

The very first thing people do after changing their residence is to change the mailing address and post office information. It helps them to get any upcoming mails or other benefits at their current address without any delay. Updating the mailing address within US postal office services with makes it possible for people to get their mails and packages at the right given address and keep them safe from any hassle and uninvited trouble.

USPS Online Change-of-Address process

While moving from one place to another and filing their address change request at US postal services, people also look concerned about the Change of address fee because they might think the process is really difficult and time taking. This the thing scammers are getting benefits from and find an opportunity to charge an unexpected amount to the innocent address change requesters. Most of the people quite unaware of the that is very less and even anyone can afford.

Thousands of people get scammed every year and pay extra fees to the online agents having the same website’s interface/looking offering US post office and mail address changing facilities. They claim to have affiliation with the website that is totally wrong. So, instead of finding the right way to get registered with US postal service directly with their new mail address, people find it easier to contact some third party person to do the process for them that costs them $60 to $70 or more.

So, whether you are moving individually with all of your family members or just moving your business, the post office change of address fee will remain the same, and process is as easy as one two three. It just takes less than 3 minutes to put all the required information in the given sections.

Moreover, it doesn't matter you are moving temporarily or permanently, the will remain same.

The Process of Address Change:

Change of address Postal service fees

Changing the address at the USPS official site is quite easy. After you have filled out all the required information given on the website for affordable ,they send you an email containing confirmation of your address change request. Putting your personal information on the website is quite safe and there are no hidden charges deducted from your debit/credit card.

On the other hand, if you are a senior citizen or having any uncertainty while putting online information on the website then better to contact your local post office and fill out the given form to send an address change request The rest of the process will be handled by the postal workers. In this case, there will be no post office change of address fee and a confirmation mail will be received within 3-5 business days.

Avoid Mistake While Filling an Address Change Request Form

To avoid scammers, extra fees and any inconvenience, make sure to read the below-given precautions;

  • - Always apply for the address change through USPS official website
  • - Fill out the form yourself and keep your personal data safe
  • - Don't apply through the websites offering other benefits and take your debit card information.
  • - Avoid the websites asking for high fees to forward your applications.
  • - Contact your local post office and fill out the address change request form and submit to initiate the process.
  • - Moreover, you have to also contact the other billing companies online and file a request for address change to get all the bills at your new mailing address.
  • - Upon moving towards another area, make sure you have also updated your driving license, credit card billing information, and other subscriptions’ address.